The Latest Beauty Trend For Men…Guylashes?

November 3, 2011

We’ve had guyliner and manscara, but are we ready for guy lashes?

Thanks to Russell Brand, Brandon Flowers of The Killers and Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow, false eyelashes for men are the next big beauty trend. The brand Eylure are selling fake eyelashes for men, priced at £4.75 ($7.30) a pair in stores around the UK, including Harrods.

The lashes promise to recreate that “Hollywood gaze” and men can choose from fine or thick varieties.

And it seems the trend for gorgeous guylashes is more than just a novelty. British department store Selfridges has been inundated with men requesting eyelash extensions at their in-store Blink Bar. Harrods also reported a high demand in eyelash extension from male clients at their Blink & Go bar.

So, are you into men with better lashes than you? Or are guylashes going too far?

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