The Latest Celebrity Makeup Disasters

April 26, 2011

The Latest Celebrity Makeup Disasters

They might have access to the best makeup artists in the world, so why do celebrities still leave the house looking so tragic?

Gwyneth Paltrow

If you have oily skin being snapped under hot lights wearing a tonne of makeup is never going to do you any favours. Such is the case with Gwyneth, who looked like an oil slick on the red carpet last month. Seems her makeup artist forgot to set her makeup with some translucent powder, which absorbs excess oil and keeps your makeup in check.

Ashley Judd

Ashley was out promoting her autobiography last month, and unfortunately succumbed to the bizarre white powder makeup trend. They seem to be using a high definition setting powder, which although is white, when used properly leaves your skin with a flawless complexion. But it looks like Ashley’s makeup artist didn’t test the powder under the flashlights of paparazzi, making her look like a kabuki performer.

She’s not the only one to have fallen for this look:

Uma Thurman…

Eva Longoria…

…and Nicole Kidman have all been snapped looking like they dusted their faces in flour!

Hayden Panettiere

The Lost actress was on the Ellen DeGeneres show last week promoting her latest flick, Scream 4, but what was truly frightening was her oompa loompa fake tan. Ellen didn’t know where to look!

But it’s not only women having fake tanning disasters – Hollywood hotties have them too, as seen on Bradley Cooper. It looks like the Hangover star slapped on some fake tan, shaved, and let his beard grow out just enough for the red carpet. Sadly though, his face is now two-toned, and no one can pull that look off!

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