The Lazy Woman’s Guide To Getting Fit

August 31, 2010

The Lazy Woman’s Guide To Getting Fit


Get fit just by going about your day? Yes please! I was slightly dubious that just wearing thongs could help me get fit so I had to give them a go. FitFlops actually look like normal sandals but contain a stack of clever engineering within the sole itself to give you plenty of benefits like toned thighs and bottoms, plus reduced pressure on the feet, knees and ankles. Pain in my lower back subsided and after wearing them for a few hours I felt like I’d been to the gym. It’s similar to walking on sand. A podiatrist told me that years of wearing thongs and high heels have wrecked my feet, and that wearing FitFlops will readjust the correct position and step for my feet.

The FitFlops range is huge – from stylish sequins and a limited edition Swarovski-encrusted sandals to knee-high boots and clogs, so you really can replace the shoes you normally wear with shoes that do you good.

Available at David Jones, Rebel Sports, The Athlete’s Foot and other retailers.

Walkstar 3 Snake RRP $149.95; Walkstar 1 RRP $89.95; Electra RRP $119.95

5 Easy Everyday Ideas

1. Take the fast lane on escalators instead of standing there on the left. It won’t kill you.

2. Get off one stop earlier on the bus and walk the extra distance.

3. Take the stairs and avoid lifts. Better still run up the stairs two-by-two.

4. Treat your dog and yourself to an extra long walk tonight.

5. A skipping rope costs peanuts and is a fab way to get the heart pumping. Skip for 5 minutes, then 10, then work your way up to skip throughout your favourite TV show.

Only Do Exercise That You Enjoy

Getting fit is never going to be easy if you resent doing it. So find activities that you love doing – like swimming or a Sunday morning bike ride. That way you can increase your fitness by pushing yourself a little further while still having fun – like swimming a few extra laps or going faster on the bike.

So You Think You Can Dance?

Don’t just watch all those dance shows – take the lead and start dancing! Dancing releases endorphins while burning a stack of calories, way more fun than a cardio session! From belly dancing to Latin, there is a style of dancing for everybody, and imagine how impressive you’ll be at an upcoming wedding or night out! Check with your local community college for classes.

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