The Life-Changing Trick For Fixing Broken Makeup

January 10, 2020

Mind. Officially. Blown.

Forget crying over spilled milk. If there’s anything that brings tears to a woman’s eyes more, it’s a makeup compact shattered all over your bathroom floor.

There are few things on this earth more heart-breaking than watching your $90 MAC bronzer destroyed before your eyes. (Sob! Someone pass me a tissue…)

Thanks to the Gods of Pinterest though, we’ll need never weep another tear over a wasted beauty purchase ever again. Not only has this age-old problem been solved, this fix is so insanely cheap and easy, I’m already kicking myself for not thinking of it already. Prepare for your life to be forever changed…

What you’ll need


What to do

Step 1: Drizzle a small amount of rubbing alcohol into your broken compact (just enough to saturate the powder).

Step 2: Swirl the rubbing alcohol into the powder using your finger until it’s combined, then smooth out the surface to make it flat again.


Step 3: Now’s where your patience comes in. Go have a cocktail and come back in a couple of hours, giving the compact max time to set (hint: popping it in the fridge will speed the process up). Then, presto! Your compact, and your sanity, are once again intact.


Images via pixcooler.com and socreativethings.com

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