The Look of Love: results

April 26, 2005

The Look of Love: results
How you Scored:
Mostly A?s mean you are a Visual person. These people like to look at and interpret information they see. They hate being read passage from book and prefer to see the words for themselves. They pay attention to how things look and are often unnerved by mess and clutter.

Mostly B?s means you are Audio. These people react to sounds and words they hear. Typically, they love conversation and appear to listen intently, paying attention to detail and responding well to what is said. They often veer towards roles where they talk, explain and listen.

Mostly C?s means you are kinaesthetic. Generally highly tactile people they like to stand close and often reach out and touch without realising they are. Prone to moodiness and sometimes wearing their feeling on the outside.

How you both scored:
Both Visual: You both love photography, cinema, giving presents and showing your love

Both Audio: You will have a shared love of music and conversation but there is a danger of talking at each other.

Both Kinaesthetic: Very physical relationship, but a danger of short tempers and hurt feelings.

One is Audio, the other Visual: Sweet words mean more than a bouquet to the Audio person and the Visual likes to see demonstrations of your love.

One is Kinaesthetic, the other Visual: The Kinaesthetic person should do things for the other person to see ? showing actions. The Visual needs to be more touching and setting the atmosphere.

One is Kinaesthetic, the other Audio: The Kinaesthetic needs hugs, not terms of endearment, but the audio prefers to hear ?I love you? rather than be caressed.

The meaning behind this quiz is called NLP ? Neuro Linguistic Programming, the latest technology for improving communication skills. People naturally fall into one of three sensual NLP wavelengths – Visual (seeing), Auditory (hearing), or Kinaesthetic (touching, feeling) and NLP gives tools for helping to change yourself and for understanding children, partners and colleagues. The study of NLP is taught in an accelerated manner as this is the way the natural mind and brain work. Learn more about NLP at

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