The Look of Love

April 26, 2005

The Look of Love

Does your partner buy you flowers and gifts but can?t tell you he love you? Is the fact that he or she rarely compliments your appearance or can?t bear to hold your hand in public casting as shadow over your dreams of everlasting love? Try this quiz and find out whether you communicate effectively with your partner! Take it in turns as you answer the questions. Choose either a, b, or c and then add up your separate scores.

1.What would make you suspect that someone was lying to you?
a) The way they look or avoid looking at you.
b) Their tone of voice
c) A feeling you get about their sincerity.

2.How would you know you had a good day at work.
a) Your work space is clear or your ?to do? list is complete
b) You had a productive conversation
c) An inner knowingness, a deep satisfaction with the day

3.What kind of holiday activity would you prefer?
a) City sights, a tour, exploring
b) Concerts, cultural lectures, natures sounds
c) Beach, sun, sea, camping, nature

4.Which of these leisure activities would you choose:
a) Movie, Video, photography
b) Listening to music, singing, a taped book
c) Sports, sculpture, cooking

5.Which TV program would you prefer to watch?
a) Lessons in oil painting
b) Who wants to be a millionaire
c) Animal Hospital

6.What would you prefer for an anniversary treat?
a) A weekend break away somewhere new
b) A personal dedication on the radio
c) Your partner cooking your favourite meal

7.How would you unwind?
a) Gaze at something relaxing
b) Talk to a friend
c) Aromatherapy

8.If you babysat a friend?s dog for the weekend, how would you like to be thanked?
a) A card
b) A phone call
c) A gift voucher for a massage

9.Which of these jobs most appeals to you?
a) Artist or designer in T.V.
b) Lecturer, flight steward
c) Gardner, counsellor

10.What do you like to have in your home
a) Lots of pictures , things to look at
b) Wind chimes, music
c) Pot Pourri, soft cushions

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