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The New Anti-Ageing Beauty Secrets

The New Anti-Ageing Beauty Secrets

Who needs cosmetic surgery? Leading beauty therapist Helen Penemenos shares her favourite anti-ageing beauty treatments, including one you can do at home to look fresher and more youthful!

1. What are your favourite anti-ageing beauty treatments?

Dermal Rolling, this removes pigmentation, wrinkles, scarring and helps with collagen build up. It stimulates the collagen, therefore reduces ageing.

Also the LED facial, this is a light therapy treatment that targets every skin condition.
Different coloured lights are used on the skin depending on the skin condition that needs to be targeted, the appropriate colour is used. These lights reach the basal layer of the skin to treat the problem, it is very fast and effective. My aim is to naturally treat the skin with harmless treatments and certified organic products.

2. What is the best at-home skincare regime?

The optimum at-home skin regime is dermal rolling using appropriate products recommended by your therapist. Cleansing, exfoliating and nourishing the skin every day is a must.

3. What foods promote younger-looking skin?

Lots of water, fruit, vegetables and a minimum of red meat is what keeps the skin looking healthy.

A good diet is the most important factor of anti-ageing and repairing of the skin.

4. What are the benefits of holistic therapies on anti-ageing?

The most holistic method of achieving healthy skin is energy balancing. We are strong believers that a good energy flow in the body keeps you healthy, therefore reflects on the skin, as the skin is the largest organ of the body and needs extra care.

Energy balancing treatments include Reiki, massage, chakra balancing, crystal therapy and hot stones. These treatments help with the blood flow, removing blockages. Not only do these treatments help in the result of healthy skin, but also a healthy mind.

Helen Penemenos is a Reiki and Seichim Master and incorporates energetic healing into each of her beauty treatments, healing her clients at an emotional and spiritual level. This holistic approach allows the body to relax and produces stronger and longer-lasting beauty results. Visit her salon Wild Orchid Beautyfor more information.

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