The New iPhone Is On The Way, And It’s Going To Be AMAZING

April 19, 2017

Actually, THREE new iPhones are apparently in the works.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Apple’s iPhone, and in celebration, the company is said to be prepping not one, but three new phones for release later in 2017 – and one of them is expected to be a huge step up from the current models on the market.

According to Bloomberg, inside sources say one of the updated iPhones will be a ‘premium’ model, featuring a screen that covers nearly the entire front of the device. That means we’d get a a bigger screen, but not a bigger phone. If the rumors are correct, the display would be a little bit bigger than the one on the iPhone 7 Plus, while the overall measurements of the phone would stay closer to the standard iPhone 7 size.

The home button on the new iPhone might become a part of the screen itself, rather than sitting below the screen, as it currently does. Samsung’s S8 model already does this, so your new iPhone might end up looking more like a Samsung and less like a traditional Apple product. More good news: the camera on the new iPhone is also undergoing a re-haul that could result in sharper selfies that are easier to take.

Word on the street has it that the new premium iPhone may not be available until later than usual, because of manufacturing and supply issues. But other two models expected to debut this year will likely be more run-of-the-mill upgrades, meaning they’ll be less expensive and more readily available.

The iPhone accounts for about two-thirds of Apple’s overall sales, and this year’s model is under pressure to perform. The iPhone 7 did not sell as well as other upgrades have, possibly because the new model kept the same shape for the third year in a row, dimming people’s enthusiasm for shelling out to get their hands on it.

The Apple sources, who did  not want to be identified, stressed that the features and design of the new iPhone are still in flux and subject to change. New Apple products are typically released in September, but are often announced ahead of time. Meanwhile, we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for everyone’s favorite gadget…

Image via iamzereus / Shutterstock.com.

Comment: Will you get the new iPhone as soon as it’s available?

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