The New Social Media App That’s Giving Women Their Power Back

October 17, 2019

Giggle is about girls having a choice. Giggle is about girls using their intuition. Giggle is just for girls.

There is nothing I loathe more than being told to laugh or smile more.

Recently, during my morning commute, an old man was sitting beside me on the train, getting a little too close for comfort. I maintained a stony-faced demeanor in hopes he would get the hint and leave me alone but he didn’t get the hint.

Just half an hour into the journey, he leaned over and whispered in my ear, ‘You’d look prettier if you smiled,’ and tried to hold my hand.

In this case, I got up and moved to another carriage, but I shouldn’t have had to.

Women are not strangers to being told to look a certain way in order to be more palatable and accepted in the world. An old boss of mine once tried to kiss me in the kitchen when I was a waitress and proceeded to tell me I should ‘smile more’ when I seethed for the rest of the night. ‘Take a joke’ he said, as he tried to cover up what would be the beginning of a treacherous cycle of being sexually harassed in return for a paycheck – another all-too-common scenario for many women.

Smiling women are so much easier for society to consume. If we are quiet in the face of injustice, it’s much easier to continue with the centuries of institutionalized mistreatment and inequality.

Men urge us to smile when they know they are making us uncomfortable to make it easier for them to treat us terribly. They manipulate us into thinking that if we aren’t smiling we aren’t beautiful, but I’m here to tell you that’s just plain wrong.

In this political climate, it can feel like we have lost the right to bodily autonomy. We are constantly having to watch our reactions, smiling when we don’t feel like it to appease other people. It can be hard to find places to talk openly with other women about these circumstances and situations we find ourselves in without being attacked by men adding their two cents into the fray. But enough is enough.

At long last, we are taking our power back and it’s all thanks to the Giggle app.

The founder, Sall Gover, created the app after seeing the beauty of what happens when girls support girls.

Giggle is a female-only social-media platform that gives women a place to network about anything from finding flatmates, friends or even future business partners. And unlike society or that old man on the train who think it’s okay to tell women to smile more, Giggle is supportive of all kinds of women.

‘Giggle’ is actually the collective noun for a group of girls, and not a command that can be given to women so we seem nicer and more approachable.

Determined to create a safe space for women online, Giggle provides girls with a space to purposefully connect without being told to smile or laugh more than they want to.

It creates an atmosphere where women can help each other achieve their dreams with no questions asked. There is no manipulation or harassment, just girls helping girls.

We will smile and laugh only if and when we want to – no questions asked.

Spending two minutes on this platform is like hitting a reset button on the drain that other social media platforms can put on us. It’s so refreshing to make genuine connections with like-minded people who want nothing but the best for you.

Giggle is free and easy to use. You don’t even need to enter your private information to sign up, making it one of the safer social media networks out there.

Logistically, it’s similar to a dating app in that you swipe right when you come across profiles that appeal to you and left for those who don’t.

However, you aren’t necessarily looking for romantic connection. With categories covering everything from periods, gaming, mental health and more, Giggle will connect you with women from all around the globe who share mutual interests.

Whether you are just looking for a friend, you need advice or you’re looking for a new roommate, this is the ultimate social media destination for women.

It is, by design, a place where ‘girls can avoid the misogynistic harassment and abuse found on current popular platforms’. If that isn’t something to celebrate, I don’t know what is.

This community is intersectional, supporting sisters and not just cis-ters with trans women encouraged to join up.

Women everywhere can reclaim their smiles on this platform. We can Giggle if and when we want to, and that’s a power we struggle to find in our everyday lives.

When climbing the career ladder it can feel like we have to compromise our comfort and put up with misogyny for fear of losing our jobs. With Giggle, girls can cut out the middle-man and build empires for themselves instead of struggling through the sexism of male-dominated industries.

We no longer have to break through the glass ceiling, we can just make a taller building.

Gone are the days where women smile because we are told to. We will smile at the success that comes when we work together to take down the patriarchy.

Giggle is about girls having a choice. Giggle is about girls using their intuition. Giggle is just for girls.

To join Giggle and start connecting with other like-minded women, click HERE!

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