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June 3, 2010

The New Soaps

When you think of soaps you often think of them having a utilitarian purpose, yes? They’re not necessarily to be lathered all over your body (definitely not your face) and they don’t leave you smelling delicious quite like a body wash. Well the new bread of ‘beauty bars’, read: soaps without the dryness, will change your mind.

Clarins Organic Gentle Beauty Cleansing Soap

What? A bar that cleanses the face and body? Yes, that’s right and it does it in the most natural and nourishing way possible. With 99.9% of it’s ingredients being of natural origin, this gorgeous cleansing bar is suitable for all skin types. If you’re jetting off this Winter to somewhere more exotic this is a great one for your beauty bag – and because it’s a soap ie not a liquid – you can even take it on the plane hassle free!($25.00, at Clarins counters and online at www.adorebeauty.com.au)

Trilogy Body Cleansing Bar with rosehip, aloe vera, carrot and chamomile

This body bar will leave your skin so smooth – it’s just like you’ve moisturised. Made from palm oil, it does not contain harsh detergents thay strip the skin leaving it tight and dry. Instead rosehip, evening primrose, aloe vera and jojoba combine to sooth and relax. It also contains a unique ingredient: carrot oil, which is great for healing blemishes, cuts and sores. Devine. ($10.00, 03 9533 1336)

Palmolive Naturals Daily Exfoliation Soap

Palmolive Naturals Daily Exfoliating Soap is enriched with 100 per cent natural exfoliating oats and brown sugar to leave skin soft and smooth. IT’s actually gentler to exfoliate with a bar such as this, than a concentrated liquid scrub. ($5.99 pack of 4, Supermarkets and selected pharmacies)

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