The One Thing Lupus Took From Me That I Don’t Miss At All

Meghan Beaudry






This story originally appeared on Ravishly, a feminist news+culture website.

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Meghan Beaudry began writing as part of her rehabilitation from brain inflammation and simply didn't stop. Her essays have been published in Sum Journal and by Folks, an online magazine by Pillpack. Ms. Beaudry lives in Houston, Texas and blogs at In her free time, she rescues three-legged shelter dogs and drinks too much bubble tea.

Lupus was the ugly secret I hid in the closet, the sloppy drunk friend I pretended not to know.   “Measure fifty!” the cellist beside me hissed. The notes in front of me wandered off the page to flit among the wedding guests sipping champagne. I had been playing wedding gigs since high school, but...The One Thing Lupus Took From Me That I Don’t Miss At All