How to do Perfect Manicure

March 8, 2002

Perfect your manicure

Want to learn how to do your nails like a pro? Well read on and nail it!Thanks to style sisters Antonia and Nicole Kidman the American nail bar trend has finally hit our shores after they recently opened their first nail bar in conjunction with Grace Brothers. But, not all of us live in an ideal world where we have a spare hour to run and fix our nails. So, SheSaid decided to concoct a must-follow guide to nailing the perfect manicure. Before you start though there are a few things you need.

Tools of the trade:

  • Small bowl with hot water (this is for soaking your hands )
  • Cuticle cream (check out your local Chemist because there are heaps of great cuticle creams available.)
  • Orange stick
  • Cuticle cutter
  • Nail clipper
  • Emery Board
  • Nail polish (have a look at our fave colours from last weeks edition)
  • Top Coat

Get ready:

Apply a small amount of cuticle cream or oil to the base of the nail and rub it in, then put your fingers into the bowl of hot water. Your fingernails are going to need at least 10 mins soaking so put some music on or watch a video you’ve been meaning to hire. Now after 10 your cuticles will definitely be soft and ready to be pushed back with your orange stick. Use the bevel of the orange stick to lift the cuticle from the nail so you can cut it away.

Before you cut make sure you are very careful because nail clippers are sharper than you think and if you pull at your skin you will end up with a very messy manicure. So, try to not pull up while you cut the cuticle. This is serious work!


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