How to Make Your Pout Look Fabulous

January 28, 2002

Get fit on the Net

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This site literally has everything to do with diets and nutrition plus 24 hour access to a personal trainer.


If you really want to burn some flab this is the site for you. It comes complete with images and exercises anywhere from belly dancing to hard-edge cardio.


This is the best site if you don’t really enjoy aerobic classes with an instructor. Here you can do a step class without the crowd or ‘painful’ instructor.


Perfect for the yoga addict. You can learn the dog pose or do the lotus. It has easy-to-follow pictures which make it fun and enjoyable while toning.

Perfect Pout

Whether you have thin lips, thick lips or ‘nothing’ lips, it is important to know how to make both your lips and lipsticks look fabulous.

Problem: Lips too thin

There are several ways to fix this problem. The first one is to give up matte lipsticks as they make your lips look smaller and smaller. The second is to wear lighter shades. If you do however want to wear a darker colour for night time make sure you spend a bit of time applying the pencil. Then apply a bit of gloss to the centre of your lips as this will definitely make them look bigger.

Problem: Lips to big

You have to give up glossy lipsticks as gloss immediately makes your mouth look bigger. Never wear a darker lip pencil with a light lipstick as it will draw attention to what you are trying to down play. To make your lips look smaller apply a lip pencil that is matching with your lipstick and draw it right on your natural lip line. Be careful not to be to extreme or you will be able to see the little ridge where the stain of your mouth is and it will look false.

Problem: ‘Nothing’ Lips

If you suffer from lips that are uneven then you have to balance them out by using a slightly deeper colour on the larger lip. You can also add a bit of gloss or shimmer to the smaller lip. If your lips are imbalanced from side to side, use the same method as enlarging finer lips.

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