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Companies With Perks So Good You’ll Want To Quit Your Job

Companies With Perks So Good You’ll Want To Quit Your Job

If you think your workplace is great, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Free staff haircuts, on-call masseuses and fully catered meals are just the beginning.

Welcome to the wonderful world of working for the world’s most forward-thinking companies, where no one counts down the minutes till knock-off time, your co-workers are your best mates and anything is possible.

1. Google


The perks: Among the long list of employee benefits Google’s elite breed of staffers have bragged about include free yoga and massages, office hammocks and ‘sleep pods’, gratis gourmet chefs preparing top-notch meals and snacks at your beck and call, an onsite hairdresser, free car wash, child care, recreation activities including a rock-climbing wall, video gaming room, pool, bowling alley and beach volleyball pit (REALLY), to name a few. Now you know why getting a gig in this place is harder than finding an available man free of commitment issues.

2. Yahoo


The perks: Potentially the holders of the ‘Greatest Staff Meetings Ever’ award, Yahoo play host to world-renowned personalities like Tom Cruise and Deepak Choprah as part of their company ‘Influential Speakers Series’. And if that’s not enough, the digital publisher and web portal company also offer free smartphones, in-office catering and even offers to pick up the bill (up to $500) for ‘daily habits’ such as laundry, groceries and even take-away food. Sign us up!

3. Red Bull


The perks: The London-based energy drink company has fun written into their workplace mission statement, with on-the-job perks including a giant slide in the middle of the office to make heading to meetings a whole lot more fun and a ping-pong themed meeting room to ensure there’s never a set of glazed over eyes in any company get-together.

4. Peer 1 Hosting


The perks: Fancy a beer? At this UK based IT company, there’s no need to leave the office to grab one – you can head down the hall to the office’s very own pub, and while you’re in a chilled out mood, you might like to play a game of pool, climb up to the office treehouse (WE NEED THIS IMMEDIATELY), get in touch with your inner child on the giant swing, or play a few holes on the putting green. How is anyone getting any work done here?!!

5. Campbell’s Soup


The perks: The perfect place to work for food-lovers, Campbell’s Soup offers a smorgasbord of food-related perks, including free cooking lessons and subsidised healthy meals. Also on offer are an onsite gym, day care centre, after-school program and lactation room for nursing mothers.

6. Johnson & Johnson


The perks: The personal care products company is the ideal spot for time-poor peeps, offering an office concierge service which is focused on helping staff members get all their pesky chores done, and that includes everything from picking up your groceries to dropping the kids to school and getting your dog shampooed.

7. Visa


The perks: Visa employees regularly receive discounted tickets to concerts and events, can participate in free dance and fitness classes and are privy to a commuter benefits program which rewards staff members for choosing green transport methods like biking and car pooling to work.


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