The power of forgiveness

March 9, 2010

Janise Beaumont in “The Power of Forgiveness” says it’s good to forgive your friend, your family and even your boss! Find out why.

The book

Finding the courage and willingness to forgive someone who has hurt or betrayed can be the hardest thing in the world. So, can you really forgive someone, when a betrayal has brought you to your knees? If so, what are the challenges and benefits of letting go of painful situations? And what is life like when you come out the other side?

Like most of us Janise Beaumont has been betrayed, and has at times been less than generous to others. Practical, warm and down-to earth she shares her own stories of hurt, and the experiences of others, and what they’ve done about those hurts. Honest, realistic, sometimes funny, often poignant, “The Power of Forgiveness” is a treasure of a book for our times.

Janise Beaumont is a working journalist with a background in newspapers, radio and TV. She has a lively sense of humour, and a wealth of experience and travels to draw on. An honest, irreverent and inspiring book that shows how forgiveness, no matter how hard it might be, does heal all the betrayal and hurts life throws at you.

Tips for forgiveness

– Revenge is not all it’s cracked up to be.

– If you can’t remember why you hate someone, it’s definitely time to give them a “get out of jail” card.

– Hating with passion will take its toll and give you wrinkles. You’ll have much less energy for the good things in life, such as loving, laughing and happy endings.

– Live in the moment. That’s all there is and no amount of wishing will erase the day you wounded a friend, or they caused you heartache. It happened, and today it’s history. Now is the time to be happy, and the bonus is when you forgive, it’s you who wins.

– Forgive everyone (if you can)…and if the door is sometimes slammed in your face when you turn up with an olive branch, what do you care? You’ll still feel better than you did when you were carrying around all that rage.

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