The results are in: Did you have saucy sex?

February 28, 2006

The results are in: Did you have saucy sex?

It isn’t a secret that some women find it difficult to get aroused in the bedroom. Sometimes there are problems switching off, we’re tired or worried there’s something wrong with us because we haven’t orgasmed for so long. For men, there are products like Viagra that arouse, but there aren’t too many products that do the same for women.

The people from Femi-X realised there were problems and set about making their own, herbal sexual enhancement product.
Femi-X? is a unique combination of herbal extracts including epimedium grandiflorum, turnera diffusa, ilex paraguariensis and smilax officinalis. It comes in capsule form, and you simply take three around 30-90 minutes before you?re ready to get all hot and heavy.

Thousands of you lucky SheSaid readers had the opportunity to trial this product before it was released, and were able to tell us what you thought. These are the results!

On average: 66% said their sex life generally was more satisfying using the capsules
67% took more initiative than normal
72% thought sexual intercourse generally was more satisfying
71% noticed more sensitivity of the clitoris
69% experienced more lubrication
83% had an orgasm, and
61% thought it was more satisfying than normal

Some women were overwhelmingly pleased with the product: ?My libido had been running on empty for so long I’d gotten used to it. Stress at work a busy lifestyle and putting on weight which made me self-conscious about my body are factors that effectively lowered my sex drive. Femi-X helped me to initiate and enjoy sex – my partner and I are very happy with the results. We want more!?

It wasn’t just women who had a positive sex life who experienced a change. One woman said: ?Wow! I thought our sex life was already great but with Femi-X I was somewhere between heaven and paradise – thank you Femi-X?

Stacey Demarco, Femi-X spokesperson and an authority on ancient herbs and medicinals says although results are generally positive, it doesn’t necessarily mean everyone will notice a difference. ?Femi-X capsules do not work in all cases but for most women, across all age groups, they improve sexual experience by making it more satisfying and increasing lubrication and libido.”

Certainly some women didn’t notice much of a difference, 63% stating they did not experience more frequent (multiple) orgasms, and 53% didn?t notice any increase in blood circulation (filling) to the clitoris.

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