The Rules of the Belt

October 22, 2002

It might sound funny, but have you every struggled with the way of certain belts to make your look work? Believe it or not there are rules when it comes to belts and we want to save you having to learn them the hard way. These belt tips are tried and true wisdom from stylists we trust.

Here are the golden rules:

  • When it comes to dangling style belts, one must always wear the dangling part to one side-not straight down the centre.
  • One can really look like a fashion disaster site by doing this. Don?t ever wear a low slung belt with a shirt that is tucked in. Two choice: Either wear a loose shirt tucked out with the belt over it or wear a top that sits snuggly above the belt.
  • When in doubt, go for a hip-slung belt. They look good on most body types.
  • There?s no nice way to say this but if you buckle a belt on the last hole, you are going to look…well a couple of sizes bigger. If the belt only does up on the last hole, buy a bigger size.
  • Keep it clean. If you?re going for the urban cowboy princess look-don?t mess it all up and slip a gold Glo-mesh dangling type through your jeans. Don?t mix your looks up.
  • Sometimes less is more. Stand back, have a good look in the mirror at the finished product. Does the belt cut you in half? You be the judge. If it does?then lose it.

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