The rumours behind the Vanity Fair Housewives shoot

April 12, 2005

The rumours behind the Vanity Fair Housewives shoot

Well Teri’s not in the middle here…
Desperate Housewives stars are getting peeved that Teri Hatcher has been proclaimed as the unofficial star of the hit show. To help repair bruised egos, their network ABC specifically stipulated to Vanity Fair in a recent cover shoot that Teri wasn?t to be in the centre of the spread. They also said she shouldn?t get first dibs at wardrobe in case she finds the best outfit. Unfortunately she turned up first so managed to chose a gorgeous red halter number. Then Marcia Cross reportedly stormed off set because she was seated next to Teri, who was in the centre of the picture.

What?s the real truth?
“It’s all true,” according to an on-set member of the photo shoot. Teri has been portayed as the victim in the press; apparently she was crying in between takes and was constantly in tears on her mobile phone but according to former colleagues, this isn?t unusual. “I remember when she would cry and complain at events,” a former Hatcher colleague recalled. “She got really upset when Salma Hayek looked prettier than she did.” But apparently that was the old Teri, and the new Teri did nothing to cause a ruckus on the shoot. The reason for the fighting has more to do with money than fame it seems. According to an ABC source, “The five ladies are seeking a big raise. They wanted to go in as a group, because Teri is receiving more to begin with, but she opted to negotiate alone. The other four, especially Marcia, are not happy.” My my, it?s not like their careers were high flying before Desperate Housewives began.

Twins break into interior design
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are moving into a new arena of money making: they?re creating their own signature furniture sets. They?ve already earned mega bucks with their own branded cosmetics and clothing lines, but now they?ve released the chic furniture sets so fans can decorate just like them. There are two designs: City Style and Country Chic. Described as not “so trendy” or “limiting in terms of age”, the solid birch designs come with personalised inscriptions and are priced between $700 and $800.According to their publicity rep, “When (Ashley and Mary-Kate) make these decisions, they always try to keep in mind what the fan would like. It’s always an expression of what they think is cool. It is classic-looking on purpose, but it definitely has a lot to do with their own personal sense of style.” Let?s hope their style doesn?t resemble ?dorm room chic? like other uni students their age…

J.Lo goes for the bad boys

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