The Runaways Review

July 26, 2010

The Runaways Review

There are eras you wish you’d grown up in. For me, I would have loved to have been around 1960s San Francisco or Paris. But after watching The Runaways, I had an intense yearning to transport myself to late 70s-early 80s LA, and hang out with Cherie Currie and Joan Jett, and be a Runaway myself.

This is a brilliant little rock n roll movie, taking you on the wild ride that is the formation of a band, its highs and its ultimate lows. Cherie (Dakota Fanning) is the stylish Bowie fan and Joan (Kristen Stewart) is the ballsy misfit that wears leather and rocks the electric guitar at a time when “girls don’t play electric guitar.” Their puppet master is Kim Fowley (Michael Shannon, who would steal the show if Dakota and Kristen weren’t so good, except they are really, really good), who exploits Cherie’s inner Lolita and brings out the songwriter in Joan.

You should know, Dakota and Kristen are excellent. There’s no hint of child actor or ‘that Twilight chick’ – they are Cherie and Joan and just like Reece and Joaquin in Walk The Line, they perform all the songs themselves.

This is a fabulous time capsule for this period: the fashion adds to the authenticity (oh, the nostalgia for cork wedges and satin jumpsuits!) and the soundtrack, as well as The Runaways gems like Cherry Bomb and California, is glittered with Stooges and Bowie.

4.5 out of 5

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