The Search By Nora Roberts

October 11, 2010

The Search

By Nora Roberts

Talented search and rescue dog trainer Fiona Bristow escaped the clutches of a serial killer several years before, but not before he murdered her fiance and her beloved dog. She has retreated to a cabin in the wilderness and is wary of forming bonds with anyone, happily removing herself to Orcas Island off the coast of Washington. Within the small, tight-knit island community she s built up her business, a dog obedience school plus running the local canine rescue centre that trains dogs to track missing persons, whether they are lonely travellers on a hiking trip gone wrong or disappearances of a more sinister nature, more than once Fiona has been the last hope for those lost in Washington’s vast wilderness.

Other than her work, Fiona doesn’t ask for much: the peace of the landscape, the companionship of her dogs, the safe haven of friends and family. Romantic entanglements are very far down on her list – and certainly not with Simon Doyle, an artist newly arrived from the mainland. Impossible rude, and impossibly handsome, he suddenly seems to be around an awful lot. But the handsome newcomer and his unruly puppy soon charm their way into Fiona’s life. But just when she starts to relax, it becomes clear a copycat murderer is on the loose, and making his way closer and closer towards her with unfinished business on his mind.

Working with the police, the FBI, and being helped and protected by Simon and her other friends and family on the island—the book traces their steps to find out who the new killer is and to catch him. But Fiona has to learn to trust again to save her own life and finally let someone look after her again.

Shesaid Says:

As a long time fan of Nora Roberts one would expect that she may run out of ideas sometime soon, especially since she has written over 200 books by now and sold millions of books globally but happily for Nora fans, she seems to be getting better as time goes on. This novel is full of suspense, mystery as well as a good dose of romance.

The chemistry between Fiona and Simon is obvious from the moment they meet early in the novel, and in typical Nora Roberts’ fashion her female characters are strong and resilient and have a close bond with the other main characters, in this case, her close friendship with the local vet and her stepmother. Although it would be great to see these characters developed even more if they were in one of Robert’s trilogys.

“The Search” does have a little more spice and sex than some of Nora’s other novels but it doesn’t seem out of place in this novel that manages to combine the excitement and lust of a new romance with the fear of Fiona’s life being in danger yet again. Looks like Nora Roberts has a skill unlike many other authors where their writing gets better as they write more books! Great for romance fans, or those that like a good mystery or really anyone who just loves being enveloped in a good story with strong characters.

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