The Seven Year Itch? More Like The Three Year Itch!

March 10, 2011

The Seven Year Itch? More Like The Three Year Itch!

Heard of the seven year itch? They even made a movie about it! Turns out that these days we’re likely to suffer the three year itch!

New research reveals that couples are much more likely to get twitchy after three years of being together, with long working hours and financial stress taking its toll much earlier than the previous generation.

A UK study of 2,000 people in serious relationship found that the rate of arguing skyrockets to 2.7 hours a week after you hit the three year mark, as opposed to 1.2 hours in the early years of a relationship. So all his endearing features that you found so sweet when you met – talking with his mouth full, snoring, singing in the shower – now drive you mad and you start to think, ‘is this worth it?’

It also confirmed that coupes who have been together for this long have less sex, spending a third less time in bed than new couples.

And whether love fades away or day-to-day life just gets the better of us, romance is a thing of the past, with the study reporting that a third of those in long-term relationships no longer receive compliments from their better half, and dine out together just once a month.

What do you think? Has the three year itch happened to you?

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