The Sex Lives Of Aussies Are Saucier Than We Think!

November 3, 2012

She’ll be right…for sex on the first date! Did you know Aussie women twice as likely to sleep with their date the first time compared to the Brits!

According to an international survey conducted by Oasis Active, 15% of Australian women are happy to jump in the sack after a first date, but that’s nothing compared to the number of Aussie blokes who would do the same – a whopping 34%!

Interestingly, Australian women topped the entire list of those willing to have a first date frolic when compared to women in so-called ‘hot blooded’ countries like Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Chile!

Mind you, only 5% of Australian women and 4% of UK women are willing to wait until they get married to have sex.
More than 12,000 Oasis members from countries across the globe took part in the survey. Other saucy highlights include:

• Pity the Mexican man – 17% of Mexican women want to wait until they’re married compared to just 5% of Mexican men!

• Women from Mexico and Colombia are the most prudish – less than 5% will have sex on the first date.

• Argentinean ladies led the way with sex on a second date with an impressive 43% saying they would sleep with someone on date number two. This percentage is higher
than the male population in every other nation, and is only beaten by Argentinean men with 49% agreeing to second date sex.

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