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The SheSaid Showbag

The SheSaid Showbag

The SheSaid Showbag

Best remembered as Fags, this was a favourite with every kid. We all knew smoking was bad for us, but it was so cool to pretend, then eat them when we got bored. These little white sticks are
deliciously sweet and chewy and RRP $1.50 for a pack of 6.

Wizz Fizz
Wizz Fizz have been around for an incredible 60 years! This sugary and fizzy treat is still
available in original format, but now also have a whole new lot of varieties. There’s the Crazy
Blue Tongue flavour, as well as Wizz Fizz Lollipops and Wizz Fizz Sherbet Cones. As they say, it’s the wizz that makes you fizz! Prices start from $1.69

Kinder Bueno
Europe has been enjoying these chocolate bars for years but from April, Australians will also be
able to taste what all the fuss is about. Bueno (meaning good in Spanish) is milk chocolate
covered crispy wafer with waves of velvety smooth and creamy milk and hazelnut filling. The mix of textures is surprisingly light, so you almost don’t feel guilty if you scoff both bars in the pack! RRP $1.45 from April.

K-Time are great for those rushed mornings when you don’t have time for breakfast, or during the day when you don’t have time to stop. With so many varieties, such as Honey Nut Crunch, Muffin
Bars and Twists, you can choose something which is low in fat, a source of fibre or high in carbohydrate or a combination of these nutritional attributes. From $3.28 for pack of 6

Ribena Squeezee Packs
Ribena isn’t just a favourite with kids anymore. It’s packed with real blackcurrent that are free from any artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. The Ribena Squee-zee comes in a cool metallic purple pouch with an easy-open resealable cap, which means you can drink Ribena Squee-zee when you want it, even if you?re on the move. And you can freeze them, which makes a great cool treat for a warm day.

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