The Single Woman’s Survival Kit (cont’d)

February 15, 2002

Get Your Youth Back

You’re feeling tired, sad, as though you are carrying a heavy weight. You’re probably looking at funky, younger women around you and envying their energy, lightness: they look so shiny and new. So you can’t be their age again but you can reclaim your youth, and it doesn’t mean buying a $170 dollar wrinkle potion.To do so you have to firstly look at the differences between a girl of 19 and a woman of, say, 34: the girl just wants to have fun and buy new clothes, the 30-something wants security, and to buy a new house; young people don’t believe in death, they are fearless, older people see death in every situation, and feel more fear. So to be young again you have to ditch some of the material props and the cosiness that burden you. If you hate being a mortgage slave, sell the house; find a new job if you hate the one you’ve got, stop stockpiling designer furniture and grown-up, status-based possessions. But most of all, you have to stop being afraid. When you do possibilities will drop on you from every tree.

Here’s an idea: play some music from your youth, music that brings back the “you” of then. Remember how you used to look forward to the limitless possibilities of the future, the naivete of being able to change the world. When the feelings kick in, do something impulsive and irrevocable. And don’t give a toss what anyone else thinks.

Give A Guy An Even Break

Get to know someone a little before you turn your nose down at them. Yes, we know you’re picky but if you’re ready and wanting to get into a new relationship you have to understand the realities of the marriage market for women over 30.

The truth: Nature has decided that women who have more years to produce children are more sexually rivetting than those who have less time, her little way of continuing the human race. But men, even those in their 80s, can produce children, and in some primal sort of way they know this. Mother Nature is a total bitch. Combine this with the depressing statistics that in cities such as Sydney there are 3 women to each man. Then add to this that of the male population, many are gay, married, or only date 20-year-old models. We’re not trying to encourage you to slash your wrists, just face two facts:

  • you are never going to marry Pat Rafter or one of the Hanson brothers
  • your soul mate is out there, you just have to sort of shift (not lower) your standards. Don’t go so much on first impressions as you would have at 20. Have lunch with that nice guy in accounts (you never know), and don’t say no because a guy doesn’t appear to be rich, cool, or isn’t super good looking. You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

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