The Skin Savvy Workout

November 8, 2011

Dermalogica and Power Plate have teamed up to create a ‘skin savvy’ workout, which increases circulation for glowing skin and boosts anti-ageing hormones. Give this 5-step routine a try next time you’re on the Power Plate:

1. Stretch: Hip Flexor

Great for loosening up your hips, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting at the computer (don’t we all?)

2. Strength: Calf Raise

Perfect for strengthening your calves to cope with those heels you insist on wearing.

3. Core: Side Plank

Au revoir, love handles! Try this exercise to banish love handles and strengthen your core.

4. Core: Glute Bridge

Want a bikini-worthy bottom? This will add tone and an extra dose of perky to your derriere.

5. Massage: Quad Massage

It’s time to relax and get the circulation flowing. Great for reducing cellulite and firming up the skin. Also helps with lymphatic drainage to remove toxins from your system, leaving you with glowing skin!

Are you a Power Plate fan?

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