The two in one orgasm

January 1, 2000

Sex experts believe we experience two types of orgasmic sensations-the first is a sharp twinge that occurs when the clitoris or base of the penis is stimulated; the second is a warm melting feeling that happens when the inside of the vagina or the shaft of the penis is aroused to climatic heights.You can experience both types, one after the other in a single love fest. How? He caresses your clitoris until it’s almost too sensitive to touch; then he moves his attention to your vagina. Once you are feeling totally aroused, he moves back to your clitoris. Meanwhile, you are doing the same with his penis, moving from the base to the shaft to the head, and back again. Experience an hour of climatic bliss.

For a more intense orgasm, lie on your back with your head lower than the rest of your body, either by lifting your hips with your hands, with the help of some supporting pillows under your hips, or by positioning yourself so that your head hangs slightly off the bed. This increases blood flow to your brain and changes your breathing, both of which can add to arousal.

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