The Ultimate Bathing Guide

August 4, 2010

The Ultimate Bathing Guide

Preparing your bathing haven

SEE…candles provide just the right amount of soft lighting and ambience

LISTEN…drift into a world of your own with tranquil music to sooth the mind, try some eAussi favourites, such as Angus and Julia Stone, A Book Like This, Lisa Mitchell, Loveletter or Liar Attar, Corner of an Endless Road

TOUCH…Immersing yourself in soothing warm water (not too hot) before bed will ease you into a deeper nights sleep

SMELL…add a few drops of essential oils which will calm and relax your senses. Try lavender to aid sleep, rosemary to help relieve a headache or lemon balm for anxiety and tension

TASTE…if you’re feeling a little decadent pour yourself a glass of bubbles

Bathing Beauty

To make the most out of the pleasures your body can gain from taking a bath; follow these simple steps…

o Spoil yourself with fresh rose petals to help boost vitamin C and nourish the skin

o Boost poor circulation by body brushing and using products with root ginger extract

o Rolled oats makes a fabulous dry skin treatment. Place a handful in a muslin bag, squeeze in warm water, and soak yourself in the milky extract

o Epsom salts are renowned for their muscle relaxing abilities after a day of running around!

o Finally, don’t forget the added feeling of a fluffy towel – lightly pat your skin dry, moisturise whilst your skin is still damp and slip into some cosy slippers and your most comfortable pair of pyjamas!

Silky, Smooth and Sexy Skin…Lather, Shave, Moisturise

There’s no denying the great feeling you get from silky smooth skin after you shave. To help maximise the benefits of feeling sexy in your skin, here are Schick’s top shaving tips…

o Shave at the end of a soak when your skin is more supple and hairs are softer

o Shaving dry skin can be painful, so make sure your skin is sufficiently wet

o Exfoliating your skin before shaving also helps to get rid of any dead skin cells that could clog up your razor and helps remove ingrown hairs

o Lather, shave and moisturise in one easy step by using a Schick Intuition Plus Limited Edition razor. Allow your razor to effortlessly glide across the skin surface, helping to lend a hand in tricky areas!

o Apply light and easy pressure

o For legs, since your hairs grown down, always shave against the growth – so ankle upwards. Remember to take extra care when shaving the back and front of your knees

o For underarms and bikini line, our hair (unfortunately) grows every which way, so shave in every direction

o Change your blade every 6 weeks to get the closest shave possible

o For a more pleasurable shaving experience, use one of the new Schick Intuition Plus limited edition razors. The cute and colourful designs will do more than just brighten up your bathroom; surrounded by a moisture-rich skin conditioning solid (Aloe and Vitamin E or Shea Butter), these stylish razors will also help replenish your skins natural moisture

o The four-blade enhancement also allows for a precise shave, with a pivoting head that follows the contours, keeping skin safer from nicks and cuts for all over body perfection

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