The Ultimate Self Tan Guide

October 27, 2010

The Ultimate Self Tan Guide

We’ve sprayed, gelled, smelled and tested every fake tan on the market to bring you the best self tan product guide of the summer!

St Tropez Bronzing Spray

I have to admit St Tropez has been my go-to tanning product for years. I lived off the Everyday Body tanning moisturiser during years of long London winters, but now love the bronzing spray for its even, smellalicious colour. The superfine mist means it’s virtually impossible to streak, but it’s so easy to apply, I can even do my back without practising my yoga moves.

$49.50 for 200ml.

ModelCo One Night Tan

The following situation has happened to me (and I’m guessing you) on more than one occasion. Get home from work tired, realise you have a dinner/birthday/work function in an hour. You slip on an LBD but still feel somewhat lacklustre. Panic! This is where wash off bronzers save the day. ModelCo’s creamy mousse goes on a dream, sets for the night and perks your skin right up. Then wash off in the shower. A bathroom must-have.


Le Tan Flawless Legs

I spotted them the other day. Veins on the back of my knees. Charming, and right before shorts weather! Luckily Le Tan have this great new product that covers up skin imperfections like veins, bumps (hello cellulite!) and freckles. Spray, wait 60 seconds and get dressed. The closest thing to achieving Gisele legs.

$17.99 for 110ml.

Santorini Sun

OK ladies you are going to be very intrigued by this stuff! Santorini Sun is certified organic and contains no mineral oils, parabens, chemicals or artificial colours. But best of all it’s infused with Cecropia Obtusa Bark Extract, an innovative local slimming and anti-cellulite ingredient. So you can get that Greek Island glow while also perking up your skin!

It comes as a spray or mousse and gives you a luscious golden tan with the first application.


Fake Bake Airbrush Instant Self-Tan

I love anything that has the word ‘airbrushed’ in it, especially when it comes to tanning. Streaks belong in hair (or on the cricket pitch) and not on your skin. Fake Bake is the UK’s top selling self tan product and with their winters and pasty skin you know those English ladies are on to something. The 360 degree nozzle means you reach all those tricky bits. Best of all the colour is good enough to eat: one light mist and you’re left with a healthy glow; build up for a 2 week tropical island holiday tan without leaving home.

$49.95 for 207ml.

Wait, I hate my tan! What do I do?

tango tan remover clothes to the rescue! I once had a tanning disaster and the only way I could get rid of streaks was with nail polish remover! My skin was raw and sore! The days of punishing ourselves are over with this ingenious cloth designed in West Australia. No harsh scrubbing or chemicals, just add water and gently rub the offending colour away!


Don’t want to do it yourself? Get a spray tan!

For around $40 you can get a spray tan at most beauty salons. Just strip off (or slip on a paper g-string) and prepare to be gunned down by your spray technician. You get to choose the intensity of colour and doing it professionally means you won’t miss a spot of skin. The colour sets in about 2 hours so wear loose clothing and don’t shower till the next day. I had it done last week for the first time and the tan is amazing, however the colour sets into fine lines and pores. My advice? As silly as it sounds, don’t laugh for the first few hours – I was left with dark laugh lines that were easy enough to wash off, but still not a good look!

Don’t forget to read our top fake tanning tips!

Which fake tan do you use and recommend?

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