The $US69 Hot Dog – Would You Try It?

July 30, 2010

Image: NY Daily News

The $US69 Hot Dog – Would You Try It?

A New York restaurant has debuted the world’s most expensive hot dog – for an eye-watering $US69.

‘Dirty water’ dogs are one of New York’s best-known street foods and sell for around $1, so we’re wondering how will this high-end hot dog will go down?

“It’s not your typical ball park hot dog,” Serendipity 3 co-owner Joe Calderone said. “It’s 12 inches of beef perfection, grilled in white truffle oil, and it’s placed in a toasted pretzel bun that is toasted with white truffle butter, and then it’s topped with medallion of duck fois gras with black truffles.”

OK so it does sound pretty good!

“You go to a steakhouse and there are $50-$60 steaks on the menu, so the price is not unreasonable. It can be split in two and people can enjoy because it is very rich,” Calderone said.

Wonder if you still get to choose ketchup or mustard?!

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