Therapy Options For Better Sleep

May 19, 2014
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Ending insomnia starts with breaking of the vicious cycle of poor sleep and restoring normal sleep patterns. A variety of therapy options are available from behavioural therapies to medications. Behavioural therapies have been shown to produce effective results especially for chronic sufferers of insomnia.

Relaxation therapy

Teaches you to recognise nervous worry and use breathing and relaxation techniques to calm the body and mind.

Stimulus control therapy

Engages you to leave the bedroom should you be unable to fall sleep. Once you feel sleepy you can return to the bedroom for a successful night’s sleep.

Sleep restriction therapy

Limits your time in bed feeling anxious and unable to sleep. This usually results in initial sleep deprivation followed by an increased feeling of tiredness and eventually greater quality and duration of sleep.

Cognitive therapy

Opens your mind to positive ‘thinking’ about sleep and ‘challenging’ negative and unrealistic thoughts in the lead-up to bedtime.

The use of medications during the initial stages of behavioural therapy may help restore normal sleep patterns while often difficult long-term behaviours are being learnt. Your healthcare professional will give you more information on behavioural therapies.

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