There’s A Cafe In Tokyo That Lets You Cuddle Baby Hedgehogs


Prepare for your heart to explode with cuteness overload.

If you’re a sucker for adorable things and coffee, Tokyo’s Harry Cafe will almost certainly cause you to have a total gush fest.

The cafe, based in the Japanese capital’s Roppongi entertainment district, lets customers – wait for it – PLAY WITH BABY HEDGEHOGS while they get their daily caffeine hit.


Unshockingly, Harry has been insanely popular since its opening, with customers often having to queue to get a chance to play with adorable spiky creatures whilst enjoying their lattes.

And while the cafe is certainly a unique concept, it’s not the first weirdly-themed cafe to hit Japan. The country, which is home to a temple surrounded by over a thousand cat figurines, is populated with several feline focused cafes and also boasts bunny and puppy themed foodie spots.

But honestly, what beats tickling a tiny hedgehog’s belly over soy frappuccinos with your BFF??

OMG take us here NOWWW.

Video via, image via Oregon Zoo.

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