These Are The Best Face Masks For Literally Every Skin Dilemma

March 6, 2017

No salon visit necessary.

I would have a professional facial every week if I had the time and money. It’s just such a nice feeling leaving the salon with soft, plump skin that doesn’t require tons of makeup and concealer to cover blemishes.

As weekly salon visits are way too extravagant for most people, the next best thing you can do is treat yourself to an at-home face mask and let it do its skin-improving magic as you watch Netflix, read a book, or just relax. Sure, you have to apply it yourself and it doesn’t include a massage and whale sounds in the background (though that’s nothing a good boyfriend and an iPod can’t fix), but the huge variety of face-loving products available today means you can literally find one to solve every skin dilemma.

Whether you need to hydrate, exfoliate, purify, or de-puff, there’s a face mask at the ready. And we’ve done the hard work of testing the latest and greatest ones to find which masks seriously rival an in-salon treatment…

1. Bobbi Brown Skin Nourish

Nadine, style & beauty editor

Who it’s good for: Anyone with dry, dull skin.

Why it’s magical: The texture of this mask is divine, it glides on effortlessly and has a subtle smell that’s not overpowering. My skin literally absorbed almost all of the thick layer I put on, which left my complexion nourished, hydrated and plump.

2. Avène Cleanance Mask

Marine, digital marketing associate

Who it’s good for: Anyone with clogged pores.

Why it’s magical: This mask/scrub combo was a pure pleasure to use! Leave it on for five minutes, then use as a scrub and wash off. You can really feel the benefits afterwards. My skin was both purified and hydrated.

3. Jurlique Purity Specialist Compress Concentrate and Mask

mask 2
Meg, office coordinator

Who it’s good for: People with sensitive and/or oily skin.

Why it’s magical: This is a very gentle and soothing face mask. The process is, however, quite involved, as you treat your skin with a toner first and then apply the mask, so you do need to set aside a good chunk of time to get the full effect. The toner has a lovely, minty smell and the beaded mask helps to achieve a deeper cleanse and mattifies skin.

4. Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Masque

Jaana, art director

Who it’s good for: People with dehydrated skin and rosacea.

Why it’s magical: The mask’s orange scent was refreshing and the soothing formula left my skin super supple and relaxed. It’s gentle enough to use on a daily basis (just rinse off after five minutes), or as a weekly intensive treatment (leave it on for up to 30 minutes to work its magic).

5. Thalgo Ultra Hydra-Marine Mask

Nadine, style & beauty editor

Who it’s good for: Anyone with dry and/or ageing skin.

Why it’s magical: The mask is way ahead of all other masks thanks to its application brush. You just squeeze the tube and apply the mask with the attached brush, so you never have to get your hands dirty. The gel formula left my skin super hydrated and glowing, making it the perfect base for my makeup.

6. Aspect Exfoliating Clay Mask

Marine, digital marketing associate

Who it’s good for: People with dull and congested skin.

Why it’s magical: This clay mask is a leap into nature. The texture and scent feel like a breath of fresh air. It’s very easy to apply and remove compared to other clay masks that can feel a bit thick, and left my skin smooth and nourished.

7. Mirenesse Black Light Peel Off Luminiser Mask

Mask 1
Meg, office coordinator

Who it’s good for: Anyone with pigmented, spotty skin.

Why it’s magical: The idea of a thick layer of mud-like cream being smeared over your face strangely appealed to me. The first point of application slightly irritated my eyes, but after a short time the product set on my skin and felt quite relaxing. Peeling the mask off feels like you’re peeling off all the bad, dull layers of skin – very satisfying, and the result is gloriously glowy, more evenly toned skin.


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