Can’t Come? Use One Of These Vibrators

June 5, 2018

The best investment you and your vagina ever made.

An arguable perk of being the editor of a sex-positive women’s website is the plethora of adult toys I get sent to trial.

It’s become somewhat of a party trick to reveal my drawers full of sexy-fun-time things to startled girlfriends when they come over to visit – not to mention a conversation starter. (Little-known fact: sex toys are best stored in a box, rather than amongst your underwear, where the silicone can attract lint.)

It’s safe to say I own more vibrators than most women do bras. So I know a good sex toy when I come across it. More so, I’ve done some pretty intensive research recently, after requiring a bit of additional assistance reaching climax, thanks to a new medication I’ve started with some non-fun sexual side effects.

If you fall into this category too, or are someone who struggles to reach orgasm, or even one of the estimated 15 percent of women who’ve never orgasmed, I have good news for you. Research has found regular use of a vibrator (either solo, or with your partner) has been linked to positive sexual function, including increased desire and improved ability to reach climax. And if that’s not convincing enough, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Adam & Eve to provide you an exclusive 50 percent discount and Free Shipping in the US and Canada on any of the toys featured here, or on their site (*discount applies to one item; some exclusions apply). Simply enter the coupon code: ‘SHESAID’ at checkout to purchase at half price.

We’ve all been told diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but if my newly rediscovered orgasm is anything to go by, I’m pretty sure it’s vibrators that are our greatest allies. Here are seven of the absolute best when it comes to design, innovation, user-friendliness and intensity and ease of orgasm; as recommended by someone who knows a thing or two about getting off.

1. G-Motion Rabbit Wand

Its wow-factor: A three-speed rollerball inside the shaft mimics the massage of a finger for earth-shattering G-Spot stimulation, while the clitoral stimulator bunny features not one, but seven vibration functions to wake up even the most forgotten of clitorises.

Pro tip: This baby is waterproof and fully submersible, so take things to the next level by taking it to the tub with you next time you have some much needed me-time. You won’t regret it.

Buy it here now using the discount code ‘SHESAID’ to receive 50% off

2. Jack Rabbit Signature Thrusting Rabbit

Its wow-factor: This vibe has all the features you’ve come to love and expect about The Rabbit, with one major upgrade: an intense thrusting tip. With the touch of a button, the cushiony-soft upper tip of the shaft thrusts up and down for deep, penetrating pleasure.

Pro tip: The Thrusting Rabbit is like the traditional Rabbit vibrator, on steroids, so it’s best suited to people who are bored of their regular vibe, or need extra stimulation to orgasm.

Buy it here now using the discount code ‘SHESAID’ to receive 25% off

3. Warming G Rabbit

Its wow-factor: With seriously impressive online reviews, this innovative vibrator does not disappoint. Its shaft’s inner ridges heat up during use, all the way to an arousing 107.6 degrees.

Pro tip: If you struggle to get in the mood, this vibe is soon to be your new best friend. The gentle heating action makes insertion a whole lot more comfortable for a truly feel-good time.

Buy it here now using the discount code ‘SHESAID’ to receive 50% off

4. Evolved Wild Orchid

Its wow-factor: If you’re shopping for your first vibrator, this is the perfect toy to start with. Letting you work up slowly, its independent motor controls allow you to use the shaft or the stimulator vibration separately, then once you’re comfortable, you can use both at once for a very fast orgasm.

Pro tip: Because this vibe allows for extra control, it’s ideal to incorporate into foreplay with a partner to get yourself in the mood. Simply engage the clitoral stimulator and ask your partner to lightly hold it against your clitoris, then wait for the magic to happen.

Buy it here now using the discount code ‘SHESAID’ to receive 50% off

5. The G3 Massager

 Its wow-factor: With a slender, flexible silicone shaft, and easy-to-use set-and-forget button controls, this is one of the least intimidating vibrators on the market if you’re a beginner. The curved tip hugs your G-spot while the rabbit ears perfectly rest against your clit for an orgasmic experience that’s seriously hard to beat.

Pro tip: This vibrator is USB rechargeable, so it’s great for taking away for naughty weekends. It will literally plug into any USB device, like your phone or computer, so you never need to worry about suspicious looks from the store person bulk-buying batteries again.

Buy it here now using the discount code ‘SHESAID’ to receive 50% off

Featured image via tumblr.com.

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