These Are The Biggest Fashion Trends For 2017

January 17, 2017

They’re anything but boring.

If you’re struggling to keep your overly ambitious new year’s resolutions, why not start with something a bit easier that might make you feel just as good as going for a run before sunrise every morning, but without the hassle of waking up early and sweating? Just update your wardrobe.

A new year means we say goodbye to old trends and welcome new ones, thanks to the ever-revolving fashion carousel fuelled by designers and celebrities.

There’s no need to throw out everything you own – a lot of 2016’s standout pieces, such as bomber jackets and crop tops, are here to stay – but adding a few fresh pieces and some DIY-ing on outdated clothes will make all the difference.

From unexpected body parts we will show off to impractical accessories, these are 2017’s biggest fashion trends to take into consideration during your next shopping spree…

1. Big shoulders


The trend: After bare shoulders ruled street styles in 2016, this year we’re putting shoulders in the spotlight with big ruffles or sparkly embellishments.

How to wear it: Don’t confuse the big shoulder trend with 80s shoulder pads. Instead, light fabrics and feminine cuts compliment this style.

2. Hot pink


The trend: Bright pink was one of the most dominant shades on the international runways this season featuring prominently in most designers’ collections.

How to wear it: Don’t be afraid to don a head-to-toe pink look, as long as you keep accessories to a minimum.

3. Micro bags


The trend: Bags have been getting smaller every season, but at the same time more crazy and fun, making them an accessory that brightens up every outfit.

How to wear it: Tiny bags that hardly fit your phone are definitely not practical, which is why they’re more of an accessory than a utility. Wear one on top of a larger bag if necessary. Wear them in bright shades and don’t worry about clashing – this is a trend that’s all about fun.

4. Velvet


The trend: The luxurious fabric already dominated street style last year, but it’s here to stay. From shoes to dresses and jackets, velvet is a nod to the 90s we can’t get enough of.

How to wear it: When wearing a velvet piece, make sure the rest of your outfit is light and simple, as the fabric can seem quite heavy. If you’re unsure if you can pull it off, opt for black or navy velvet, which always looks elegant.

5. Sexy back


The trend: The body part we want to show off this year is the back. After bare shoulders ruled last year, it’s only a natural transition.

How to wear it: When showing that much skin in the back, the front needs to be a bit more modest. Keep your neckline high and wear your hair up when sporting this trend. If you don’t feel comfortable going bra-less, wear a lacey bralette pretty enough to show off.

6. Patches


The trend: Bringing back childhood memories, patches are everywhere this year, whether they’re on denim jeans, handbags, sneakers, or even your phone case.

How to wear it: The more, the merrier! Let the world know what you think by mixing and matching slogans with emoticons, letters, or your fave food. Patches are the easiest way to spruce up an old jacket or pair of jeans, so get out your iron and start patching.

Images via pinterest.com.


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