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These Naked Rowers Fighting Homophobia Will Make Your Day

These Naked Rowers Fighting Homophobia Will Make Your Day

Hot guys getting nude for a good cause is all we need today.

We love a good cause, and even more so when it involves ripped rowers getting naked for it, as is the case with the Warwick University rowing team, who’ve released a sexy sans-clothing calendar to raise awareness about homophobia in sports.

The hunky squad have been posing in the nude yearly since 2009 to raise money not only “to fund the ongoing development of the charity Sport Allies, which promotes sport as an inclusive and supportive route for personal growth,” but also “to fund the rowing programme at the University of Warwick, making it accessible to more students,” according to the team.

The calendar includes 24 steamy pictures and a glorious pull-out poster. We’re sold.

The Warwick rowers aren’t afraid to get close in the sexy, but classy photographs either, which were shot in England and Spain.

These guys definitely have each other’s backs(ides)…


They shelter each other from the rain…


They help each other carry stuff…

Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 9.19.55 am

And they know how to decorate a Christmas tree…

Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 9.19.35 am

You can buy the calendar for all your friends – and yourself, of course – here, and while you wait for it to get to you, you can watch the behind-the-scenes making of the calendar video below. Thank you, Warwick rowers.

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