These Women Tried Weed Tampons And This Is What Happened

October 27, 2016

“We’re gonna put marijuana inside our lady parts.”

A new vaginal suppository product, the Foria Relief, promises to cure PMS symptoms thanks to its main ingredient, cannabis.

Shoving some weed up your huh-hah sounds a bit daunting, but thanks to the internet, before you try it yourself, you can watch two women talk about their experience with Foria, as they videotaped their weed tampon journey – all for the sake of science (okay, and overwhelming curiosity), of course.

Like a lot of women, willing weed tampon trialers, Ochi and Morgan, rely on heavy-duty painkillers every month to make it through the rollercoaster of menstruation without feeling like they’re going to die, so it didn’t take much convincing for them to try Foria.

“We’re gonna put marijuana inside our lady parts,” Morgan declares at the start of the video.

After some difficulty inserting the tampon due to its soft, “butter cream” consistency, both women confirm they aren’t feeling high, but relaxed, a few hours later.

“I don’t even feel that dull, throbbing pain, like when you take something and it takes that top-level pain away but that bottom-level pain still remains,” Ochi explains.

‘Weed tampons’ could be the future of period pain relief.

In the video, Urologist Dr Jennifer Berman explains the label “weed tampon” is a misnomer, because the product won’t get you high, making it safe to use even when you have to go to work.

Ochi and Morgan’s verdict for the dissolving therapeutic tampon is positive, but Morgan warns viewers not to eat it as she confesses she chowed down half of it after it broke when she tried to use it the ‘proper way’.

“They’re not for eating. They’re really, really, really strong,” she explains.

Foria isn’t the first cannabis-based period pain relief medicine on the market. Earlier this year, Whoopi Goldberg launched a range of marijuana PMS-relief products including edibles, tinctures, and rubs.

Unfortunately, just like Goldberg’s range, Foria Relief is only available to Californian residents so far. Here’s hoping the weed tampon will make it across the Golden State’s border soon.

Watch the full video of Morgan and Ochi trying the weed tampons below.

Video and image via youtube.com.

Comment: Would you try a weed tampon? Do you think they should be made legal?


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