They Lived McHappily Ever After

October 21, 2010

They Lived McHappily Ever After

We are all about weddings here at SheSaid, but aren’t really sure about the latest venue: McDonald’s?!

Starting in 2011, McDonald’s restaurants in Hong Kong will be offering wedding packages.

According to CNN, the package will include catering by McDonalds including an apple pie wedding cake, and a gown made of party balloons.

To keep in tune with the “family restaurant” vision, no alcohol is allowed so guests will have to toast the happy couple with soft drink or a chocolate thickshake.

Packages start at $1,000 – more than a happy meal but less than most wedding venues.

The package idea came after a couple held their wedding party this year in the McDonalds branch they had met in. Awww…

So what do you think? Is this the ultimate trashy wedding, or would you love Ronald and the gang as wedding guests?

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