Basic Feminine Hygiene Tips

October 22, 2014

Sadly, schools and even some parents fail to provide the proper sanitary advice to girls. It is unsurprising then that many adult women still don’t know the basics of feminine hygiene. Not to fear – SHESAID has your back! Follow these basic tips for healthy and happy lady parts.

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How to wash ‘down there’

The vagina is self cleaning, therefore putting strong chemical soaps will throw off the natural acidity of your lady parts, which can lead to bacterial infections. You shouldn’t need to wash with more than water, but if you do, stick to using pH-balanced products for this sensitive area and under no circumstances should you clean inside the vagina.

What smell?

While a very mild smell can be normal, it shouldn’t be noticeable to other people or through clothing. However, if the smell is strong you should see a doctor.

Let it breathe

While wearing jeans or tight trousers shouldn’t make that much of a difference, if you have been wearing them all day, perhaps change into something lighter when you get home. The area is naturally moist anyway, and it doesn’t like to be kept it cramped, clammy confines all day. Similarly, check the material of your underwear. Your panties should be cotton or cotton-lined for optimal breathing!

Wipe out

You should know this by now! But if you missed this vital lesson in personal hygiene – always wipe front to back after using the toilet. Always. You don’t want the dirt from your rear being wiped into your sensitive area.

That time of the month

Clean with mild soaps more often during menstruation. If you’re using tampons, read the instructions provided with your product and change when required – do not leave a tampon in for more than four hours. Leaving your tampon in can encourage the growth of bacteria or lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome. Similarly, change other sanitary products every 2-3 hours.

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