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7 Cool Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Vagina

7 Cool Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Vagina

From their size to their function, vaginas really are amazing things. 

Having a vagina can, at times, be really freaking awful. From having to experience everyday sexism because of what lies between our legs, to enduring excruciating period pain and trying all kind of hacks to deal with it, it’s fair to say most of us have a love-hate relationship with our lady parts.

But our va-jay-jays are actually pretty damn awesome once you start learning about how they work, which is super important, given the fact they can tell us a lot about our health. Knowing exactly what that weird kind of discharge is trying to tell you, or what that shade of period blood means can give you major insights into what’s going on in your bod.

And then you have the fact that vaginas can push out a baby and give us orgasms, as well as a bunch of other really crazy-cool and super interesting things, like…

1. It can grow

While everyone’s vagina is different and there’s no standard size, the average va-jay-jay is about three inches wide and three to four inches deep. A woman’s vagina will expand in order to give birth, too, but this isn’t the only time it gets bigger. The vagina can actually grow by up to 200 per cent when sexually aroused. This is called ‘vaginal tenting’, and can be useful for when you’re dealing with a, erm, bigger type of penetration, if you know what we’re saying…

2. The clitoris is absolutely AH-MAY-ZING!

With 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris alone, there’s a reason a clitoral orgasm can be so much more intense than any other kind of orgasm. Its only purpose is for female stimulation (YAY!) and it’s actually a lot bigger than you think. Believe it or not, the clitoris wraps around to the back of the vagina and its total size is proportionate to a penis. Go figure!

3. Being ‘loose’ is a lie

The idea that having more sex will lead to a loose vagina that gross fuckboys like to believe, is nothing more than a myth. While the vagina becomes looser when aroused and during intercourse, after sex, everything returns to its original size. A vagina might become less tight as a woman ages or goes through childbirth, but its tautness has nothing to do with how many partners she has or has not had. Which, btw, isn’t anyone’s business anyway.

4. You can’t lose anything up there

The cervix, which is at the very top of the vagina, is a tiny opening which is only big enough to let microscopic sperm through. Because our Vs are fixed spaces, it is impossible to permanently lose anything in there (like a forgotten tampon or runaway sex toy). So if you’re having trouble locating something that might be ‘lost’ up there, it’s likely just too far up for your fingers to reach, or the vagina’s strong muscles are gripping it in place there. But don’t worry, it is still there. (And this goes without saying, but if you can’t retrieve something yourself you should always head to your doctor’s office to avoid potential infection.)

5. It can have so many different orgasms

There are actually four – count ’em: FOUR – different kinds of orgasms a woman can experience; clitoral, vaginal, blended, and – the holy grail – the multiple orgasm. The clitoral orgasm is achieved with little or no vaginal penetration, a vaginal orgasm is through penetration only and a blended orgasm is the perfect blend of the two.

And while men can only experience one orgasm during intercourse and require some recovery time before they can have another, a woman can have orgasm after orgasm (hells, yeah!). The world record for the number of orgasms achieved in a single hour goes to one woman who reached the big O a whopping 134 TIMES in just 60 minutes! The highest number achieved by a man in the same timespan is a much more meagre 16. Times to get those vibrators at the ready and start practicing for a new record…

6. It acts like a penis

Turns out there’s actually not as much difference between the clit and the penis as you might’ve thought. When you’re turned on, your clit basically gets a boner, as it fills with blood and swells in readiness for orgasm, making it stand erect. And just like a penis, the labia majora (your outer vaginal lips) become stiffer as you draw closer to orgasm as well. The exact size of your lady boner will vary from person to person, but the good news is, the more erect it is, the easier it is for your guy to find it and kill it at oral sex.

7. It could literally save a life 

While none of us love our periods and would do anything to avoid going through the emotional stages of menstruation, our moon-blood could actually be pretty helpful for people suffering from heart failure. There is currently an endometrial regenerative cell (ERC) congestive heart failure clinical trial underway, testing the safety of stem cells found in menstrual blood to treat people with this illness. The stem cells are made into muscle cells for the heart to be used for reparative purposes. The study is still experimental, but in the future, our vaginas could literally be producing life-saving material, and that’s pretty damn awesome.

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