21 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re Petty As Hell

October 29, 2017

You won’t need sunglasses around me ’cause I throw all sorts of shade.

As much as I wish I was mature and level-headed in every situation, sometimes it’s just not possible.

And sometimes it totally is possible, but I am a petty bitch about it anyway because being petty is part of who I am.

I remember getting into a little disagreement with my best friend a few years ago – only he had no idea I was even mad at him. We were long-distance friends at the time, and I hadn’t heard from him in a little while, and so, in my immense pettiness, I resolved to not message him until he messaged me.

This friend is notorious for not messaging people first, so I don’t know what my petty self expected when two months went by with radio silence. I got angrier and angrier until we finally saw each other, and he greeted me with a big hug and smile, obviously not having the slightest inclination I’d been secretly mad at him for months.

Whether it’s ignoring a friend, fighting with my significant other over something which I know is no big deal or when I find out something unlucky happened to someone I hate, I have to admit I take a little bit of pleasure in being petty now and then.

If you’re also a master of sass, you’ll relate to these feelings all too well…

1. Your ability to throw shade is second to none.

petty shade

2. And you have an impressively fine-tuned resting bitch face.

resting bitch face petty

3. And even though you hate to admit it, when you see misfortune happen to someone you don’t like, it feels gooooooood

know im petty

4. Gossiping and bitching is your second language.

gossiping petty

5. You screenshot everything so you can share it with your girlfriends or hold onto it for potential blackmail…

petty screenshots

6. And when you finally get an excuse to use said screenshots, it fills you with amazing joy.

fuck with me petty

7. You can hold a grudge for an impressively long time.

petty grudge

8. And your side-eye is on point.

side eye petty

9. Once you don’t like someone, everything they do becomes irritating to you

hate petty

10. And your friends know a rant is about to happen when you utter the phrase “I just find it funny how {insert name of current arch nemesis here] always…”

11. If someone doesn’t text you back for three hours, you’ll wait for four before you message them (see how they like it!).

petty text back

12. Even when you lose a fight, you refuse to admit defeat.

wrong petty

13. And on more than one occasion you’ve chosen to watch some drama unfold instead of stopping it.

petty drama

14. You’ve been known to write ambiguous social media statuses about your enemies.

twitter gif

15. And you live for reading fights in the comment sections on Facebook.

petty judging

16 You’ve gone out of your way to say hello to someone you know doesn’t like you.

petty hello

17. Because you absolutely love stirring the pot

petty stir the pot

18. You’re better than the damn FBI at finding out information about people.

petty social media

19. You’re a fan of saying “I told you so,” when you’re proven right.

petty told you so

20. And you secretly love whipping out the blunt “okaaay.” when someone says something which annoys you.

petty ok

21. And even though you know you’re petty, you don’t care. It’s part of what makes you so damn fun and interesting.
petty amazing

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Comment: Do you relate? Are you a petty person? 

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