Thinking of packing your bags?

October 5, 2005

Thinking of packing your bags?

Angelique Max flew to New York at the age of 21 with only $300 in her pocket and the dream of becoming a New York Fashion stylist. ?Looking back I think that my friends and family all thought that I had gone a little crazy because all I had was the belief that with some charm and a whole lot of
persistence I could achieve anything?. When Angelique arrived in New York she knew no one but she had done her research and knew who she needed to contact and what she wanted to achieve. ?I basically flew to New York having
no doubt that I would succeed?. Arriving in New York Angelique made her first stop at Seventeen Magazine. ?The editor took one look at Angelique and advised her to intern with a major Fashion Photographer so that she could build a portfolio. ?I felt very self-conscious during the interview because New York is always two season?s ahead in fashion?. Taking the Editors advise Angelique spent the next 4-months building up her portfolio and continuing her education at the renowned New York fashion schools of Parsons and F.I.T. During this time she developed an understanding of the NY
fashion cultures and developed her distinctive sense of style.

After a lot of hard work and determination Angelique scored her first major job a year later. She was hired to work on a big catalogue job that flew her to Hawaii. It was on that trip that Angelique had the good fortune to meet Stephanie Wiessman the woman who later sponsored her for a working visa so that she could like and work in New York.

Today Angelique has achieved exactly what she set out to achieve “I get to do what I love in the city I love and work with New York?s most high profiled.” Angelique’s clients include: Sex in the City’s Kristin Davis, Paris Hilton and Shakira. On the weekends I party in one of the most exciting cities in the world. When I look back and consider the risk that I took and how hard I have worked I am amazed but so happy. I Can?t believe I made it!?.

Angelique?s advice to those of us wanting to live and work in New York: “Do your research and definitely give it a go, New York is a wonderful city! It’s true what they say, New York is the big city of dreams.”

Thinking of pursuing a career in New York?
Follow our motivational checklist:

Motivation Checklist
? Have you set a deadline for when you will be living and working in New York?
? Have you produced a list of sub goals?
? Are you actively working towards those goals?
? Are you actively following all set checklists?

Networking checklist
? Have you contacted all friends to ask if they have contacts in NY?
? Have you registered with a networking agency such as Advanced?
? Do you have somewhere to stay when you arrive in New York?
? Have you established some friendships with New Yorkers either by phone or e-mail?
? Have you set up a friendship support network that you can rely on when you arrive?

CV Checklist
? Is the CV one page and no longer?
? Are all of your contact details on the resume?
? Have you highlighted the skills and experience that is most interesting to employers?
? Is the CV eye catching and easy to read?
? If you read your CV would you want to interview you?
? Have you used correct American spelling?

Job Search Checklist
? Have you registered with a lease three recruitment specialists?
? Have you direct marketed yourself to a number of organisations within your industry?
? Are you receiving positive feedback from your applications?
? Are your recruitment agents giving you clear direction on how to present yourself to potential employers?

Visa Checklist
? Do you know about the new HB1 Visa?
? Have you contacted US Immigration to gain information on how to apply for a work visa?
? Do you have an employer who is willing to sponsor you for a work visa?
? Have you enlisted the help of an immigration lawyer?
? Have you obtained the correct work permits before working in New York?

By Lisa O’Brien – Careers Coach

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