This Company Gives Paid Leave To Women On Their Period

March 6, 2016

Dreams really do come true.

Every menstruating woman on the planet has at some point clutched at her self-imploding uterus and cursed the fact there’s no such thing as period sick leave.

Trying to make it through an entire day in the office without keeling over in agony or hurling pain-induced expletives at your colleagues can prove decidedly difficult when you’re cruising the crimson wave. And if you’ve ever tried to call in sick to your male boss during a particularly horrific menstrual cycle, your explanation was probably met with hurried throat clearing and a ‘no explanation needed’ grimace.

As such, actively tackling the ‘P word’ topic has largely been ignored by employers.

Until now.

UK based event venue company, Coexist, are shattering the glass ceiling with a groundbreaking ‘period policy’ recognizing the monthly ordeal most women endure.

With a staff made up of predominantly women, the company’s director, Bex Baxter, is focused on acknowledging the need to take time out when the crime scene taking place in your insides gets too much. Even more so if you’re one of the 176 million women worldwide who live with the debilitating condition of endometriosis.

“I have managed many female members of staff over the years and I have seen women at work who are bent over double because of the pain caused by their periods,” Baxter told Bristol Post.

“Despite this, they feel they cannot go home because they do not class themselves as unwell. And this is unfair. At Coexist we are very understanding. If someone is in pain — no matter what kind — they are encouraged to go home.”

Can we get a hallelujah for this sister?

If that’s not impressive enough, Baxter and her fellow business directors have designed the period policy not to cut into staff sick leave.

Someone get these women a Nobel Prize.

And despite the long held notion that increasing employee leave opportunities can result in lost productivity, the director says she doesn’t expect the new menstruation friendly policy to result in any losses for the business.

“There is a misconception that taking time off makes a business unproductive. Actually it is about synchronizing work with the natural cycles of the body. For women, one of these is their menstrual cycles. Naturally, when women are having their periods they are in a Winter state, when they need to regroup, keep warm and nourish their bodies,” Baxter explains.

“We just want to celebrate and start talking about menstruation in a positive way, rather than the negativity which has shrouded the cycle.” Amen, girl.

Now, am I the only one thinking I need to put in a job application with Coexist?

Comment: Would you like to see your employer adopt a similar period policy? Do you go to work if you have a particularly painful period?


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