This Galaxy Lip Art Tutorial Will Take Your Beauty Game To The Next Level


Oh starry, starry night…

There have been plenty of crazy beauty trends making an appearance on the makeup vlogger scene over the past year.

We’ve seen everything from hidden rainbow hair to the glitter look and unicorn-themed, well, everything. But the latest craze to hit the beauty scene may just well take the cake.

Galaxy inspired lips are, quite simply, magical.

Fair warning: they’re definitely not for the non-steady-handed or work appropriate, but if you’re already reasonably adept with a makeup brush and want something totally OTT to take your look to the next level at your next party, watch on.

If nothing else, you’ll be totally mystified by this inspired look, created by one of our fave beauty vloggers and arguably the queen of Insta-worthy lip art, Jazmina Daniel.

Seriously, just: WOW.

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