This Is How You’ll handle Christmas, Based On Your Zodiac

November 16, 2018

Will your stars align for the festive season?

The holidays are a-coming people and while some merry folk have had their Christmas tree up since 30 September, others get anxious at the mere mention of the old man with the big white beard and a penchant for wearing red.

I personally find the lead up the Christmas holidays fun in theory and stressful in practice. I like the idea of the festive fun, but please can someone just come over and decorate my house, buy all my gifts and coordinate my family’s appointments on my behalf. Thank you.

If like me, you are not clear how you really feel about The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, then let’s turn to the wonder of the stars (most appropriate for Christmas) to find out more about how you’ll handle the holiday season based on your zodiac sign.


Did someone say party? Aries as always you are the life and soul of any party – but mostly if you can organize it yourself. Expect your Christmas to be filled with the merry sounds of tinkling glassware and the scent of baked ham. Pop that Christmas jumper on and send out the themed invites, as you are feeling energized and ready to hit Mariah Carey’s festive high notes thanks to Jupiter hanging out in your relationship sector this month. Try not to get too angry at those who don’t want to don the party hat, Jupiter also brings you a loss of perspective.


Dearest Taurus, are you feeling a bit bah-humbug this month? Rolling your eyes at every wide-eyed child in line to meet Santa while muttering ‘idiot’ under your breath. This is understandable my Grinch-y friend when you consider Neptune, Mars and Venus in Scorpio are all opposing your sun. The holiday season can a tough one for many so pour yourself a glass of eggnog and sit your butt down to watch It’s a Wonderful Life. By the time Clarence gets his wings, you will be hanging your stocking up with the best of them.


The problem with Christmas is the amount of money we all have to spend, and no one is thinking more about cash (or lack thereof) right now than you Gemini. Don’t feel bad Ebeneezer, Saturn is in retrograde in your second house and so all those money worries have sprung to the fore. Why not keep your own spend down by doing secret-Santa style purchasing or only buying second hand goods for friends and family? It’s good for your pocket and even better for the environment – go you. 


It is time to take the reindeer by the horns Cancer and get the whole family over for lunch at your place. No one does nurturing better than you and what better time of year to nurture your nearest and dearest than on Christmas Day? With the full moon in your sun sign, you are hands-down going to be in your element feeding and caring for those you love, so order in the giant ham now and get decorating your tree – your place is where everyone will want to be to feel the festive love.


Christmas kisses under the mistletoe are in order for you these holidays, as Venus’ presence from mid-month means you are guaranteed some serious festive fun. As party season gets into full swing, you’ll be enjoying a white-hot and sexy time, whether with a new love or an existing lover. Let the good times roll and if there is someone you have had your eye on all year, let them know that they are all you want for Christmas.


For most of us, the festive season means family and family can mean mess, chaos and surprises – all of which is your idea of hell. With Mercury in retrograde however you are going to need to bite that tongue of yours and relax a little. It is hard to be kind when Uncle Rick gets a bit too drunk at the Christmas Eve soiree and it’s equally hard to be gracious when your new boyfriend buys you an awful scarf. But take a deep breath and do whatever it takes to absorb a little holiday spirit to get you through until New Year.


Lucky for you Libra your sign is experiencing an explosion of creativity thanks to Neptune and Jupiter hanging in your house of communication. So why not take those creative vibes and totally blow the minds of your friends and family with some serious next-level Christmas decorations? More is more when it comes to your Christmas décor this year Libra, so get the carols cranked up on your Bluetooth speaker and bulk order the salmon blinis because everyone is coming for a vodka martini at your place.


Christmas is often a time of reflection and emotion and for you Scorpio, this season will be all about having the ‘deep and meaningfuls’ with the people you love. Mars and Venus are moving through your sign, and so with both war and love at the forefront of your mind, it is going to be an intense holiday period. If you have been wanting to tell someone you love them or maybe you have been needing to tell a toxic friend they have been a dick – now is the time to get it off your chest.


If you are single and read to mingle Sagittarius, then look out world – this season you are unstoppable! With your birthday month in full swing as the lights and sounds of Christmas envelop us all, you are center-stage and ready for your close up. Neptune and Jupiter are combining to give you even more confidence and zing than usual, so say ‘yes’ to every invite as you just never know where something might lead.


Do you have any major relationships that feel a little stale this season Capricorn? As Saturn’s retrograde transit to your 7th house this month, it is time for some healing and thoughtful conversations to occur. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the festivities but take some time out to consider those around you and whether or not you have been as true, loyal and honest as you could be. Sit down and watch Love Actually with your special person and your emotions are guaranteed to flow free.


‘Goodwill to all men’ was a term invented just for you this month Aquarius! Your generous heart and spirit is in full flow for the festive season so you are going to want to bake those cookies, hand deliver those cards and wrap those presents for under the tree. Don’t forget in the midst of spreading that joy far and wide that you still need to show yourself some love in the form of relaxation and self-care to keep you from total festive burnout.


Your sensitive soul can bruise easily Pisces, and with Saturn’s retrograde passage, try to approach the heightened emotions of the festive season with caution. Try not to over extend yourself socially and keep your routine as regular as possible when it comes to sleeping, eating and exercising. There is still magic to be found in a quieter and less stressful holiday season, just spend more time and effort on the people you love most and forget about the rest.


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