This isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation.

There are so many ways to apply eyeliner, you could literally go a month using different products and techniques on a daily basis and create a unique look every morning.

From a smudged, smokey eye to a sharp winged liner, the makeup world is your oyster when it comes to eyeliner, making it one of my fave beauty products, especially since discovering the easiest ones to apply.

But because there are sooo many possibilities, applying eyeliner can get quite frustrating and choosing the right product to buy? Downright confusing. Especially if you’re a makeup novice who has just entered the fun world of beauty tutorials.

Don’t worry, though; you’ll love painting your face as much as I do once you get the hang of it. All you need is someone to explain a few makeup basics to you, like which brushes to use for which part of your face, what primer actually does, and what the difference between liquid, gel, and pen eyeliner is, so here we go…

Gel eyeliner

How it works: Gel eyeliner usually comes in a little pot and has a creamy consistency, and you need a small, angled brush to apply it.

What it’s good for: In short, beginners and people with an unsteady hand. This is the most forgiving kind of eyeliner as the brush makes the product glide on effortlessly. Moreover, gel eyeliner is very buildable giving you control over the kind of coverage you want.

Go over the same line two or three times to achieve a deeper black, or leave it more natural with just one layer. Since it creates a soft edge, the line doesn’t have to be perfect.

Note that you won’t be able to draw a sharp-edged wing with this one, but gel liner is ideal for a more smudged look, and smokey eyes.

Fave product: NARS Eye Paint


Pen eyeliner

How it works: Pen eyeliners usually have a pointy felt tip with the actual product inside the pen, meaning you don’t need a brush, but apply it with the felt tip.

What it’s good for: This is my go-to type of eyeliner for a sharp cat eye. As the felt tip isn’t very bendy (just like a Sharpie), it’s perfect for drawing straight lines. On the flip side, pen eyeliner doesn’t leave much room for error.

If your hand isn’t steady enough to draw a sharp line, try sticking some tape at the angle of your desired wing on the outer corner of your eye. This way, you can draw over the tape, but removing it once the liner is dried will leave you with a sharp edge.

Fave product: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

Liquid eyeliner

How it works: Liquid eyeliner – as the name suggests – comes in liquid form, typically packaged in a small bottle with a tiny brush attached to the lid. To use, dip the brush into the liquid and say a prayer to the eyeliner gods before applying it, as this one requires some fairly hefty practice.

What it’s good for: Absolute pros with the steady hand of a neurosurgeon. This type of eyeliner’s consistency is beautifully glossy and rich, but hard to apply with the small, flexible brush it usually comes with.

It’s ideal for tight-lining (drawing a thin line directly onto your lash line) and delivers a very opaque, shiny finish.

If you want to create clean lines and add some definition to your eyes without a big flick, this is your product, but better budget for some extra time practising first.

Fave product: 3CE Liquid Eyeliner

In a nutshell, there’s an eyeliner out there for everyone. If you’re new to the eyeliner game, gel liner will be your best friend, while pen eyeliner will give you the winged eyes of your dreams, and liquid liner is for the overachiever desiring precise, fine lines fit for Adele.

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Comment: What’s your all-time fave eyeliner product?

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