This Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume Is The Most Distasteful Thing We’ve Ever Seen


Just. So. Gross.

What is it about Halloween that prompts some people to abandon all sense of common decency and blatantly insult people with costumes that are so poor taste they’re actually painful to look at?

Just as a refresher folks: Blackface costumes are not okay. ‘Sexy’ Native American ‘Indian’ costumes are not okay. Costumes that make fun of tragic real-life events are not okay. Does this even really need to be said?!!

Unfortunately, even in 2016, it appears that, depressingly, there are still people who don’t understand how basic common decency and respect works.

Enter one of the most revolting Halloween costumes we’ve seen to date: the ‘Parisian Heist Robbery Victim Costume Kit’, which was released this week by California-based costume retailer, Costumeish, in the wake of the horrifying attack on Kim Kardashian in Paris.

The offending costume, which comes complete with a faux diamond ring, gag and wrist ties.
The offending costume, which comes complete with a faux diamond ring, gag and wrist ties.

We almost didn’t write about this. It was so abhorrent on so many levels that we didn’t want to dignify it with any more air-time. But you know what? We need to talk about it. Because apparently people still don’t understand that women are people, too. Yes, shockingly, even when those women happen to be celebrities.

Kim Kardashian is not public property. She is not a toy, or a plaything. She is an actual human who is a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend and a daughter. Reducing her ordeal to a novelty costume is akin to downplaying a woman’s sexual assault or domestic violence experience by making statements like “She had a chance to leave and chose to stay,” and “She was acting really slutty all night anyway”.

Kim Kardashian was alone wearing nothing but a robe when five masked men surrounded her and yanked her from her bed by her feet before tying her up in her bathroom where she begged them not to kill her so she could get back to her children. Whether you love or hate her as a celebrity, doing anything less than having sympathy for her as she attempts to recover from what would be a truly horrifying experience for any woman is just being a gross human being.

Be better than that. And while you’re at it, make your Halloween costume better than that, too.

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