This May Be The Most Uncomfortably Sexist Segment In TV History

April 11, 2017

Try not to cringe watching this…

If anyone has ever doubted whether feminism is still needed in our seemingly modern day and age, this Fox & Friends episode puts those doubts well and truly to rest.

What could have been a standard TV segment on Spring cleaning tips turned into the perfect example of degrading, misogynist tripe, when, out of the three hosts, the only female, Abby Huntsman, was chosen to interview a cleaning expert, all while pretending to tidy up and dust.

After Huntsman’s fellow host, Clayton Morris, introduced the segment, the painfully awkward visual of two women in heels cleaning a fake apartment was uncomfortably underscored by the lyrics ‘Take out the papers and the trash, or you don’t get no spendin’ cash. If you don’t scrub the kitchen floor, you ain’t gonna rock ‘n’ roll no more,’ from the 1962 hit, Yakkity Yak (Don’t Talk Back) by The Coasters.

Unfortunately the degrading treatment of Huntsman didn’t stop there; when Morris and co-host Pete Segeth finally joined her, Desouza rolled her eyes at them, sarcastically remarking “I know you are thrilled about all of these,” to which Morris replied with “I’m excited to watch you do it.”

Apparently he forgot he was in fact hosting a 2017 TV show alongside a female colleague with a degree in political science and communications and years of broadcasting expertise, not enacting a scene between Sam The Butcher and Alice from an episode of The Brady Bunch.

Sadly this isn’t the first time Fox & Friends has taken an uncomfortably misogynistic approach to its segments. A while ago, host Steve Doocy invited a panel of fathers onto the show to discuss whether they would allow their daughters to wear leggings in public, all while watching young women model different types of leggings.

How this show has not been canned yet remains as much of a mystery as to how The Brady Bunch‘s Alice managed to maintain such a happy disposition while fending off Butcher Sam’s creepy advances.

Media and images via youtube.com.

Comment: What’s your take on this episode? Do you think it was sexist?


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