This Salon Will Charge You Extra For A Pedicure If You’re Overweight

March 22, 2017

Overweight customers break the chairs, claims the owner.

Just in case you needed a reminder that fat-shaming is a real thing that happens every day, here’s the latest outrageous incident to make your blood boil.

Customers at Rose Nails in Memphis, Tennessee were recently greeted with a sign warning that pedicures for overweight customers will cost $45, due to ‘service fees.’ The salon’s regular price for a basic pedicure is $25.50.

Deshania Ferguson noticed the sign while getting her nails done, took a picture, and posted it to Facebook, where it quickly went viral, racking up hundreds of shares and comments.

When WREG News Channel 3 went to investigate, Son Nguyen, a spokesperson for the salon, denied that the sign was ever displayed there – even in the face of clear photographic evidence to the contrary.

Nguyen says that although he didn’t put up the sign, he has considered charging overweight people more for services. That’s because, according to Nguyen, not only are larger people are harder to service, but they break the chairs.

That’s right. Nguyen claims he’s paid thousands of dollars in repairs for pedicure chairs broken by overweight customers, which justifies charging them more for salon services.

But he’s quick to point out that fat people aren’t the only ones who pay a surcharge at Rose Nails. Men also have to pay more, to the tune of $5, because they don’t get pedicures as often and therefore, their feet take more work.

People have taken to the Rose Nails Yelp page (which is currently under review due to the furor) to air their feelings on the discriminatory pricing, questioning whether the salon needs to perhaps have better made chairs and vowing never to visit the salon.

“Just curious, who are you to determine who is overweight and who’s not? Pretty despicable,” wrote Tami F. of Lake Worth, Florida – just one of many comments left since the incident went viral.

Whether the salon is actually charging overweight customers more is not entirely clear, nor have they said whether they plan to change their pricing policies in light of the controversy.

Images via Shutterstock and Facebook.

Comment: Have you ever encountered discriminatory pricing for overweight customers?

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