This Bluetooth Tampon Will Alert You When It’s Time To Change It

Nadine Dilong

So you can wear your good underwear.

Tampons are great. They comfortably sit in your vagina making sure you can do and wear whatever you want despite being on your period, and they’re pretty much mess-free, unless you forget to change yours after a reasonable amount of time. Though thanks to a high-tech new tampon, that problem will soon be a thing of the past.

Tech start-up My.Flow have designed a smart tampon that alerts you via bluetooth when it’s time to put in a new one. This could be life-changing not only for teenagers who might not have yet found their ideal ‘tampon lifespan’, but also for every notoriously forgetful person who lives in constant fear of period leakage – or worse – forgets to take out their tampon altogether.

Every woman knows that feeling down there when you’re reminded it’s time to find a bathroom, ASAP; it usually occurs in incredibly inconvenient situations, like on public transport and – of course – whenever you’re sitting on a white couch. Even though we shouldn’t be ashamed of our periods, it’s undeniable that a red stain on our crotches is not the most desirable look.

The My.Flow tampon aims to keep clothes and furniture clean thanks to its extra-long string which is connected to a small device on your waist measuring the saturation of the tampon. This information is then sent to your smartphone, which alerts you when a certain percentage is reached.

The gadget will be available in 2017 and retail for an affordable $49, however, you will have to spend an extra $13 per month on their suitable tampons, which sit inside the clever device. Staying clean apparently doesn’t come cheap.

Besides the arguably exxy price of the product, we aren’t so sure about the discretion of it. After all, it’s supposed to save you from exposing the fact you’re menstruating, but wearing a device on your waist that is literally connected to your vagina sounds anything but discreet.

Even though the practicality of the My.Flow tampon remains questionable, any product designed to make women’s lives easier is a welcome one in our books. We can’t wait to try it.

Comment: Would you wear a bluetooth tampon?