This Weather Presenter Was Made To Cover Up On Live TV

May 19, 2016

WTF people?!

It’s a sad day in humankind when a respected female meteorologist is flung a cardigan on live TV and told to cover up her naked shoulders.

KLTA weather presenter, Liberté Chan was trying to do her job presenting the weather forecast to hundreds of thousands of live viewers, when her male colleague, weekend news anchor Chris Burrous, waved a jacket into her shot and asked her to put it on.

When Chan bewilderedly replied, “Why? Because it’s cold?”, her colleague sternly answered as the cameras continued to roll, “We’re getting a lot of emails.”

Chan understandably struggled to mask her horror, responding, “WHAT?!! Really?!” as she begrudgingly shrugged on the sweater and attempted to continue her report.

The weather presenter later posted the video to her Facebook page, writing, ‘Apparently, some viewers think my dress is too revealing’, setting off viral re-posting and outcry from Twitter users offended on her behalf, dubbing the on-air embarrassment, #SweaterGate.

“I was surprised, since I hadn’t seen any of the emails and didn’t think there was anything that inappropriate – the beads and sequins were probably a little much for the morning, but what girl doesn’t like something that sparkles?!” Chan said in a blog response to the debacle.

However, while the meteorologist received an outpouring of support on social media after the episode, Chan says it wasn’t long before the body shaming comments started to flow in.

“I’ve gotten emails that say, ‘She has fatty arms. She has this. She has that’… As a meteorologist, you’re in a very vulnerable situation. You’re showing your entire body. It became much more about my body than my brain. This has turned into a much bigger issue than just a sweater,” the reporter told TIME this week.

Since the incident, Chan has continued to flaunt her shoulders on air in sleeveless dresses. Because after all, if looking at a woman’s uncovered arms is too distracting for you to concentrate on anything else, you probably shouldn’t be watching the news.

Images and video via youtube.com and twitter.com.

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